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ESD Safe Barcode Scanners

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ESD Safe Barcode Scanners
InData Systems offers ESD safe 1D and 2D barcode scanners.

• Great for clean room and static sensitive environments.

Available in both corded and cordless versions, bases also coated in cordless versions.

Developed to satisfy strict EPA requirements (ESD Protected Area).

• Coated with conductive materials engineered to eliminate the build
up of dangerous static charge on the scanner

• Internal wiring to quickly drain the charge from any other object to which it comes in contact.

What is ESD?
ESD, simply stated, is the rapid transfer of an electrostatic charge between two objects. ESD happens when two objects of different potentials come into direct contact with each other. Charging results when one object’s surface gains electrons to become negatively charged and another object loses electrons from its surface to become positively charged. Triboelectric charging occurs when an electron transfer results from two objects coming into contact with each other and then separating. One of three events is usually the cause of ESD damage to devices: direct electrostatic discharge to the device; electrostatic discharge from the device or induced discharges.
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Hyperion 1300g
in ESD Safe Housing

             Xenon ESD Series


Product Features:

Solvent Resistant – resistant to hand moisture, body oils, chemicals, Lubricating and cutting oils, and hydraulic fluids.

Hardness – StaticPaint R (black) dries to a hardness of 2H. Taber abrasion CS 1Q7 wheel with 1000 gram weight, (2.2 lbs.) rubbed 1000 cycles, small rubbing of face material is not noticeable.

Static Paint – Gloss coating that provides superior appearance, conductivity and durability. ESD Coated Housing – surface resistivity is less than 1,000,000 Ohms per square, insuring that areas of wear greater than 1 inch square, will still have a reduction of the conductivity to well below 10 to the 11th impedance.

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